Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert

This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve always loved Final Fantasy music, especially all of the orchestral arrangements, but nothing had prepared me for the magnificence of experiencing a live performance of Nobuo Uematsu’s beloved music. I was so excited when the conductor, the renowned Arnie Roth, announced that, “yeah, actually we know a few more songs,” and conducted an encore performance of Terra’s theme, one of my favorite Nobuo Uematsu pieces, and then concluded the concert with One-Winged Angel.

After intermission, we were also treated to a special address from Uematsu to us the audience at Wolf Trap, recorded just days before the concert. He truly is passionate about his work and has a great sense of humor. Uematsu-san, I would definitely love a cookie!

XBMC Boxee UI Switcher

I bind this script to a button on my LIRC remote to easily switch between XBMC and Boxee on my HTPC. XBMC’s interface using the Rapier skin and fanart is much more attractive, but Boxee offers great social network integration (read: Youtube).

# Switch between XBMC and Boxee
if ps ax | grep -v grep | grep xbmc.bin > /dev/null
	echo "XBMC running, killing process"
	kill `pidof xbmc.bin`
	sleep 7
	echo "running Boxee"
	/usr/bin/runBoxee &
elif ps ax | grep -v grep | grep Boxee > /dev/null
	echo "Boxee running, killing process"
	kill `pidof Boxee`
	sleep 7
	echo "running XBMC"
	/usr/bin/runXBMC &
	echo "No UI running, starting XBMC"
	/usr/bin/runXBMC &

Start irexec daemon

Count files and folders

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