How to Remove Duplicate Contacts on iOS

I’m a heavy user of Google services, but prefer iOS for mobile devices. This has always resulted in out-of-sync contacts on my phone because contact syncing isn’t perfect between Google and iCloud. I finally got fed up and decided to make Google the sole keeper of my contacts. Here’s how:

Export your iCloud contacts

Login to iCloud

iCloud login

Choose Contacts


Export your iCloud contacts


Import your contacts into Google

Go to your Google Contacts

Import your contacts



Merge duplicate contacts

Choose your newly imported contact group and “Find & merge duplicates”


Verify the merge


Disable iCloud contacts on iOS





You should be left with a clean list of contacts on your phone!

Ubuntu 12.04 Upgrade Failure

Always have at least 2GB overhead when upgrading your Linux distribution! If you don’t you’ll regret it!

I attempted to upgrade my primary desktop from Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 for Long-term Support last night and managed to lock up three of my four CPU cores with kernel processes when I ran out of space on the root partition.

Unfortunately, the only way I know to remove the locks is to reboot, but I’m pretty sure the reboot will fail because half the new packages still haven’t been configured, including the all the ones related to the kernel (hal, acpi, etc). Thankfully, I keep good backups so I’ll just do a clean install of the system and restore my configurations from /etc. My desktop has always been my techie playground so the Ubuntu install I broke is a pretty big mess after years of tweaking system configurations.

I could use a Live CD and chroot into the system to complete the upgrade, but now that I’ve really messed up the system, I’d like to get a clean start. This time, however, I’ll be sure to allocate more space to the root partition. I’m looking forward hopefully to many years of service on a stable LTS release.

Site Redesign 2012

I’ve wanted to redo the look of my website for about a year now and have finally finished a new look that I’m reasonably happy with. With this redesign, I had a few goals in mind.

Goals of the Redesign

Create a responsive design

By leveraging the power of media queries, the browser is able to adjust the layout and typography, based on the width of the browser viewport.

Use a grid system to set the type

Typesetting was based on a 13px vertical grid to maintain the flow of the text throughout an article. All elements, including headlines and lists, take up a multiple of 13 in vertical space.

Use Typekit for custom fonts

Web fonts are finally a viable method of changing your site’s fonts without the hassles and downsides of previous methods: sIFR, Javascript replacement a la Cufon, and others. I wanted to experiment with Typekit to see what kind of impact using a different font has on a site. A very significant one!

Things I Learned

Love the single-column layout

My initial design had two columns, which created a lot of useless empty space on the right-side where the sidebar was located. However, the content of my site doesn’t really need the second column, so I removed the additional column. As a result, the layout pulled together nicely, become simpler and more elegant. Single-column layouts might be a luxury only smaller sites can use, but they really allow the focus to center purely on the content at hand, rather than distracting the reader with various other articles.

Grids as a guideline

Grids are a great starting point for layouts because they let you quickly prototype the frequently used elements of a site: the logo, navigation bar, content section, sidebar, and footer. However, sticking too strictly to the grid starts to make a design feel too rigid. In future iterations of the design, I’d like to style some elements that break out of that rigidity without breaking the flow of the content.

Experiment with web fonts

We’ve finally reached a new era where the majority of our web audience is using modern browsers with decent standards support, allowing us to use increasingly more technologies that blur the lines between print and screen typography and layout. This is extremely exciting because it enables us developers and designers to present our messaging and content more effectively and creatively than ever possible.


This is a very exciting time for web development, with lots of really great technologies coming out that open up new avenues for both designers and developers. Also, the openness of the web development community is amazing. There are many fantastic resources out there that greatly ease the development and design processes, giving us more time to spend on creating a unique experience for the most important people – our visitors.


ZURB Foundation: Rapid prototyping and building framework
Typekit: Web fonts provider

CyberSpeed Unleashed Review

CyberSpeed Unleashed Cover ArtSixteen years later from the original game, Mark ‘TDK’ Knight has released CyberSpeed Unleashed, a remix album of the music from the 1995 game CyberSpeed. And boy does it get your adrenaline pumping and make you want to race again, preferably in a more modern racing game. CyberSpeed’s gameplay was… hectic, to put it nicely, but it was Mark’s music that really made the game stand out. The original game disc could be loaded into your CD player to play the soundtrack which was awesome. I fondly remember overloading a couple sets of crappy speakers listening to the CyberSpeed soundtrack at max volume when I was a kid.

The new CyberSpeed Unleashed remixes add heart-pumping bass, upgraded instruments, and some very welcome complexity to the originals, making each track a lot more interesting, while keeping the original riffs I love. The new instruments sound great, especially the butt-kicking bass instruments. Both Cluffy Flouds remixes also have all the ambiance I loved from the original tracks. The new Cluffy Flouds 2 remix is definitely one of my favorite tracks. The Boggit Protein Accelerator is another great track and is delightful light-hearted. The original game included silly future-age commercials that would air between races and this was one of the background tracks.

Some things I didn’t really like about the new remixes were some instrument choices. The low-quality violin instrument in CyberSpeed Race 5 detracted from the environmental ambiance of the track. The notes played by the violin instrument also weren’t held long enough which hurt the flow of the music. The low-high “boing” instrument in the background of CyberSpeed Race 6 was also really distracting and was just enough to prevent it from being one of my favorite tracks. I also wish Mark had incorporated more of the piano riff from the original CyberSpeed Track 5 into one of the remixes. The entire second half of Track 5 was great and was one of my favorite original tracks.

All-in-all, if you’ve played CyberSpeed before, you owe it to yourself to give this album a listen. It has all the extra excitement you wished the original tracks had and more. If you haven’t played the game before, DON’T! Just kidding! CyberSpeed has one of the best racing game soundtracks out there and should definitely be in your game music collection. CyberSpeed Unleashed is a great complement to the original soundtrack. The original has a lot more atmospheric ambiance which I enjoyed, but the new album gives you a lot more bass and is so much fun to listen to.

Favorite tracks:
Cyberspeed Track 4
Cyberspeed Track 7
Cluffy Flouds 2
Boggit Protein Accelerator

CyberSpeed Unleashed is available for download at CD Baby and iTunes

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert

This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve always loved Final Fantasy music, especially all of the orchestral arrangements, but nothing had prepared me for the magnificence of experiencing a live performance of Nobuo Uematsu’s beloved music. I was so excited when the conductor, the renowned Arnie Roth, announced that, “yeah, actually we know a few more songs,” and conducted an encore performance of Terra’s theme, one of my favorite Nobuo Uematsu pieces, and then concluded the concert with One-Winged Angel.

After intermission, we were also treated to a special address from Uematsu to us the audience at Wolf Trap, recorded just days before the concert. He truly is passionate about his work and has a great sense of humor. Uematsu-san, I would definitely love a cookie!